Nippon Gochiso Select

Rice paddy fields for rice vinegar / Kyoto

Rice paddy fields for rice vinegar__ Kyoto

Rice paddy fields for rice vinegar__ Kyoto

Making soy sauce / Saitama

Making soy sauce__ Saitama

Making soy sauce__ Saitama

Rice paddy fields / Kanazawa

Rice paddy fields__ Kanazawa

Rice paddy fields__ Kanazawa

Sorting soybean for making miso / Fukui

Sorting soybean for making miso__ Fukui

Sorting soybean for making miso__ Fukui

Bottling Mirin / Aichi

Bottling Mirin__ Aichi

Bottling Mirin__ Aichi

Gochiso Select
is a project to
share and
Japanese food
culture and

We created Nippon Gochiso Select (NGS) as a way to share Japanese flavors and traditions with the rest of the world. The idea started with a pop-up shop, where we could introduce artisanal products that hadn’t been sold overseas, and we chose the Bay Area as our launch site. Over time, our plans grew as our network of partners expanded. The project has developed into a culinary and cultural collaboration involving chefs, craft producers, and food lovers in Japan and the US.

We’ve brought together an international team of food professionals to hand pick premium ingredients from small and family-owned companies that preserve traditional methods while improving on classic formulas. Nippon Gochiso Select supports independent producers, along with the purveyors and craftsmen they rely on. These companies contribute to the small economy and are doing their part for the environment, too. NGS products are natural, free of GMOs, harmful pesticides, and added chemicals.

The Nippon Gochiso Select project has been made possible with the support of the Japanese Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fisheries and Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO). Nippon refers to Japan, and the word gochiso carries multiple connotations of feasting, hospitality, and gratitude. In Japan, we say, “Gochiso-sama deshita” at the end of a meal to express appreciation. It’s a concept at the heart of Japanese food culture -- a reminder that the daily act of eating can be a celebration.




Nippon Gochiso Select is proud to collaborate with local Bay Area food professionals who are passionate about Japanese food culture and quality ingredients.



The Nippon Gochiso Select line up features 40 artisanal products hand-selected by our international team of food experts in Japan and the US. After a series of careful taste evaluations, we narrowed hundreds of potential entries down to a small but beautiful collection of items from producers who are preserving traditions while moving forward into the next generation.



Japanese food doesn’t have to be difficult to make. These modern takes on Japanese home-cooking classics are simple, tasty, and quick to prepare. They’re perfect for weekday meals and elegant enough to impress on special occasions.


Where to Buy

At the crux of the Nippon Gochiso Select project is the NGS pop-up shop,
located inside Berkeley Bowl West in Oakland.

Berkeley Bowl West From: October 29 – January 8, 2016

LOCATION: 920 Heinz Avenue Berkeley, CA 94710
Google Maps
HOUR: Mon. - Sat. - 9:00 am to 8:00 pm | Sunday - 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
PHONE: 510.898.9555

Where to Eat

Look for special menu items featuring NGS products at our partner restaurants from October 29- Early February, 2016

Commonwealth From: October 29 to while ingredients last

LOCATION: 2224 Mission Street, San Francisco
Google Maps
PHONE: 415.335.1500

Hopscotch From: December 29 to while ingredients last

LOCATION: 1915 San Pablo Ave Oakland CA
Google Maps
PHONE: 510.788.6217

B-Dama From: January 20 to while ingredients last

LOCATION: 907 Washington St Oakland CA
Google Maps
PHONE: 510.251.1113

Food Delivery Specials

COMING SOON: Try NGS items for delivery via Caviar


Jetro Office in SF

PHONE: 1-415-392-1333
HOUR: 9:00~17:00
REPRESENTATIVE: Yamada, Hunter or Hasegawa

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